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From the safety of her curtain blinds, Rei watched the man in a black business suit climb in to his new Hummer.  She could barely contain her excitement as he exited his drive way, no doubt on his way for the weekend conference in Miami.  The wife had already left for her High School Reunion and the house seemed to be completely empty for the weekend.  With a grin, the watcher slowly closed the window blinds of her apartment and moved the binoculars away from her face.
"Perfect! I can rob this place blind!" she said with a devious grin as she pulled the binoculars away from her eyes. "And even better, there won't be anyone to get in my way." She licked her front teeth as she changed into her robber's outfit: a black tank top, black jeans, a black jacket and black leather gloves. She was tired of hunting, tired of having to rough up old people in their condos for a few hundred dollars. Someone with her skills would need better targets, why not this house?
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Beth had played with the snake since it was a baby. And now, at age 6 months, the creature was beginning to respond to her. It was feeding time, so she locked her doors and then lifted the cage onto her table. Opening the cage door, she let the creature out onto the table, and brought out the small mouse. The mouse cowered back against her as the snake nosed at it, and she pushed it forward gently to the middle of the table.
The small snake nosed at the mouse, and then nosed at her hands as she held the mouse for it. The snake touched her right hand several times, and then began to fit its mouth around her fingers. Beth was surprised, but remained still and let the snake continue. It began to twist its head back and forth, and she watched it walk its jaws over two of her fingers. She moved the fingers slightly in its mouth, but it was not deterred, and reached to hold her fingers more securely. As it pushed over her, her fingers slipped into its throat, and she stared as the small snak
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*Click* It was a beautiful day, no clouds, no wind. It would have been completely silent, if the helicopter didn't make such loud noises *Click*. I sat on the edge of the big side door, my feet dangling outside. Beneath me, there was only jungle and jungle and jungle as far as I could see *Click*. The Amazon leisurely flow below. I put my camera away as I saw a small glade with a few houses in the jungle, directly at the Amazon shore. The helicopter turned and began to descent. Some local’s children ran towards the landing field, waving and smiling. I took some photos: *Click* *Click* *Click*. I was so exited that I didn't even hear the pilot screaming at me. "Sir, please go back to your seat, we're landing in a minute. Too late. Touchdown. I picked my backpack and stepped outside. I just stood one second on the ground, as I was suddenly surrounded by kinds. They held my hands and pulled me towards the biggest buil
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                            Snake Story Part 1

Tracey was a 26 year old brunet

The snake who doesn’t have a name yet is a 30 foot long articulated python is brown with black and white spots.

It was a hot night and in the forest was a hungry animal that just needed to find somewhere to rest.

Coming to the edge of the forest he was surprised to see his hunting grounds had changed he hadn’t been in this area in a number of years and now there was a big house here.

This was no ordinary animal because it didn’t walk like most things in the jungle it slithered but it was able to catch things that walked on all 4 legs and 2 legs easily.

But with pray getting scares the snake was drawn closer to his preferred food source and with his massive 30 foot body he needed to eat every 6 to 8 weeks but now he was hungrier than ever because he hadn’t eaten in 10 weeks.


Looking at the house he noticed that there was no movement so he slowly approached the back side of the house.

While inspecting the house he noticed a window open so he slowly went and looked into the window smelling that there was no one home he made his way into the house.

Looking around the house it seemed to be massive and he wanted to find some place to hide and soon he found a place under a set of stairs curling up under there but found there wasn’t enough room to completely hide but was soon asleep.

4 hours pass but to the snake he didn’t know it but then he smelled more than herd something that woke him up and is smelled like food.

Looking around the stairs he saw a girl with a body any guy would love to have
5 foot 11 green eyes and dark brown hair that ended just above her butt.


After a tiring party all I wanted was some rest and yet while I was walking alone through the corridors of my big residence I still longed for a companion in the night.

The night was hot I knew I won't be able to wear much clothing to sleep in so I began to undress myself.

I started with my underwear even before taking off my long dark dress.

As I got rid of the undergarments a glimpse of a mysterious shape in the darkness and it startled me.


Not watching what I was doing I moved out to much from my hiding place and thinking that I was seen I quickly slithered into another room as quickly as possible hoping that I wasn’t seen for sure.

I moved behind a thing that I knew humans sleep on and I coiled up there (that was close I don’t want to be seen yet).


As sudden as it appeared it vanishes into where my bedroom was.

Thinking it was just a phantasm I continued undressing and changing into a nighty and then I went to the bathroom unaware that I was in for one wild night.

As soon as I took off my dress I put on my favorite black camisole to sleep in.

I was so tired dulled by a long busy day and some dose of alcohol in the party suddenly out of the darkness I heard a noise my senses sharpened the sound came from her bedroom.


I was starting to get hungry again knowing there was food in the next room so without thinking I started to climb on the bed thing but I wasn’t carful and knocked a lamp off the stand.

I froze hoping the girl didn’t hear it (but she did)


It was like if the bedside lamp was tipped over by someone... or something.

I reluctantly went over to my bedroom to check it out. I was afraid it could be a burglar.

I then recalled how much I had wished there was someone to spend this night with now I wasn't so certain...

But when I entered my bedroom I realised my wish had come true although it wasn't the companion I actually meant for it was not human.

There in front of me on my bed laid a serpent of imposing size. It must have spotted me but it didn't flee or attack me.

It was just lying there patiently. Like if it was waiting. Waiting for me


All of a sudden the girl entered the room she looked and smelled good but I didn’t want to attack her right away but my belly was telling me I needed to eat and soon.

But she didn’t run or scream so I just laid there and watched her but if she tried to run I would attack her.


I was surprised by what I just saw, I thought I was getting delusional after drinking too much during the party thing was I didn’t drink that much this evening at all.

So this extraordinary visitor in my bed must have been real nevertheless I thought it was just a dream a sudden wave of heat struck my body like if she was in fever.

So I took off my camisole and stood naked in front of the snake I did realised that the snake could attack me coil me up and constrict me.

As a little girl I was often scared by others that one night a monster would come to my bedroom and eat me.

I sometimes wondered how it would actually feel to be devoured whole and alive... Was it really that terrible?

I carefully began to approach the snake and when I got closer it raised its head and opened its maw filled with long sharp teeth I hesitated for a brief moment thinking my guest doesn't want me to come any closer.

Snake kept its mouth wide opened like if it wanted to boast with its teeth when I saw that the mighty serpent was drooling intensely I realised that baring its teeth didn't mean a warning or threat.

It was an invitation.


I was wondering y this girl took off all her skins and she was not scared of me at all so I opened my mouth and showed her my teeth but my mouth started drooling and I was hoping she didn’t notice.


Strange but the scaled interloper was incredibly calm contrary to what I heard about big snakes.

It did not attack me didn't utter a sound nor did it move even when I stood right next to it If the creature was so peaceful maybe I could actually get some rest after all?

In the end it was my house and my bed so I sat right beside it and the mighty serpent made some room for me by moving its huge frame off the bed so I lay on my bed and watched as a huge snake slid off my bed.


The girl sat and then laid on the bed I couldn’t believe my luck was this girl really offering herself to me?

I had to move off the bed for a bit to get into a better position to start eating this offering if that’s what she was doing I would accept her happily I slithered across her back and a shudder ran through her body.


But soon after it returned and began slithering over my perfectly shaped back at first I shuddered as cold scales touched my body.

The snake was quite heavy so when it got on me it immobilised me so I thought that the snake wanted to constrict me but it was just slithering on my gorgeous body gently rubbing my soft skin.

The friction caused by its scales gave off pleasant warmth If this was supposed to be the monster which others once scared me with I'd love to be its victim every night.

I felt so relaxed... I also began to admire snake's sheer form I could feel it's heaviness of me and I felt so vulnerable and secure at the same time.

Snake moved its head towards my feet and touching them with his tongue.


So thinking that if she was offering herself to me how could I make this less painful for this girl. 

Having an idea I move to her feet and lick them to get a taste but before I knew it I had her feet in my mouth but to my surprise she didn’t move much so I kept going trying not to hurt her.


I was so relaxed I almost fell asleep when suddenly I felt a sting on my feet as the snake got a firm grip on me with its jaws I tried to get up at first but the snake was too heavy But I didn't panic.

Snake acted so gently that I didn't feel any discomfort after a few minutes my legs were half way in the snake's mouth I didn't resist I knew there's no point.

So maybe it can be painless experience... or even pleasant. I just hoped the snake won't bite... much

                                        END OF PART 1
                                         PART 2 COMMING SOON


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